Can I own a machine gun as a civilian?

YES! As a civilian, you can purchase a transferable machine gun from a dealer or from another individual with the appropriate NFA paperwork. AZMGO can help you with your purchase from beginning to end.

Can I bring my own guns to shoot at a Machine Gun Rental?

Absolutely! You or your guests are more than welcome to bring your own personal firearms to accompany your machine gun shooting experience.

Can I bring my own ammo to shoot through the machine guns?

Unfortunately, no. At AZMGO we require that our supplied ammo goes through our guns to minimize the possibility of faulty ammunition that can cause serious bodily injury and/or death to the user as well as damage/destruction to the firearms.

How many people can come to a machine gun rental?

We have facilitated MG rentals of 1-30 people. Based on the amount of shooters, we staff appropriately with range safety officers who are competent on the weapon platforms as well as medical staff, if the need arises.

What is needed to book an MG rental?

We require a ½ down, non-refundable deposit prior to the shoot. You can pay the balance on the day of the event or in full beforehand.

What if we shoot more than we have rented?

We always plan in advance and more ammo is always brought to the range in case more fun is wanted to be had!

We always plan in advance and have more ammo available in case you want to extend you’re your fun experience.

Can kids shoot?

Yes! We have specific firearms for kids to shoot and MG mounts available for a safe and exciting experience for our young shooters.

Can I transfer a gun to you?

Absolutely! We can facilitate your title 1 or class3 NFA item transfers. We can also ship firearms for you if needed. For Class3 items requiring a form3 transfer we utilize ATF E-File.

What is needed to transfer a firearm/NFA item to AZMGO?

We will need to be notified of the transfer beforehand, including the following; Name & number of the dealer/individual, what the transferring item is & your information.

What do I need to bring when picking up my transferred item?

You will need to bring your Drivers License showing your current physical address, as well as your state CCW (concealed carry weapons permit) if you have one. If your license address does NOT match your current address, we will need something government issued that shows your current address, such as, vehicle registration or passport. If you have none of the listed items, you will need to obtain them in order to properly complete your 4473 paperwork and transfer your item.

What if I am military and stationed here?

You will need to bring your state issued ID as well as documentation showing your station orders in order to fill out your 4473.

How old do I have to be to buy/transfer an item?

If you are an Arizona resident, you will need to be 18 years of age to purchase/transfer a long gun (rifle) or shotgun and 21 years of age to purchase/transfer a pistol, receiver or NFA item. If you are not an Arizona resident, you can only purchase or pickup a transfer of a long gun (rifle) or shotgun.

What gunsmithing services do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of Gunsmithing services, such as, barrel work, firearm builds, firearm repair, NFA builds/repair, deep firearm cleaning etc. There is almost nothing we can’t do.


All items are shipped via USPS , priority shipping within 24-48hrs.